bringing quality entertainment to AlasKA

I am so proud to present this labor of love for the last few months. We are bringing to Alaska two epic bands for an unforgettable performance at Koots. Click the advertisement to buy your tickets now!

I’ve been to four parties where 49 North (Big C) provides the music and DJ services, and you won’t find anybody better. He reads the crowd perfectly, knows what music gets folks up and dancing, and has a genuine desire to make your party the best you can imagine. His music library is unrivaled, and I’ve seen folks on the dance floor I never imagined would be. For days after every one of those four parties, I constantly heard “Big C is the BEST!”, and “where did you find him, that was a phenomenal party”. I hired 49 North myself for two of the parties (one a wedding, one a milestone anniversary), and any time I have an opportunity, I will recommend 49 North Entertainment and Big C for your wedding or party.
— Rhonda, married 5-14-11